Case Study

Office Depot Europe sharpens its competitive edge

with e-Invoicing


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From carrier bags to coat hangers and specialist papers to promotional products, Office Depot Europe, headquartered in the Netherlands, is a supplier of office products to businesses throughout Europe and the Middle East. Operating in a highly competitive market, Office Depot exploits every advantage it can to sharpen its pitches for new business. e-Invoicing is a selling point that makes a difference to potential customers.

Life before e-Invoicing

Prior to electronic invoicing, Office Depot Europe’s manual handling process for invoices was time consuming and expensive. As a consequence the business has long been an advocate of electronic invoicing. It is part of the company’s wider e-Business strategy, and is focused on boosting online service levels and improving its customers’ cost efficiencies.

“About 40% of our RFPs now ask about our e-Invoicing capabilities, many of which ask if we are connected to OB10; being part of the network gives us an advantage,” says Ellen Tosserams, e-Business Specialist Europe at Office Depot Europe.


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